Naked photo session of the top model Alex Jechev


Naked photo session of the top model Alex Jechev. In these photos you will see the body and muscles of a professional bodybuilder in his best shape. Perfectly composed, the photos show the body of one of the best fitness athletes in Bulgaria. You will see the whole body of Alex Zhechev, and the delicate areas are hidden with a towel and hands.

Why buy this photo package:
1. This is the best photo session of Alex Zhechev which shows his body perfectly
2. Only here on the site you can find these photos and nowhere else
3. The sale time is limited. Once the time is up, the photos will not be sold!
4. Photos are ideal for printing in A6 format for personal use
5. By purchasing this package you directly support the Alex Jechev model in his professional development

Package information:
– contains 4 photos
– Photos are not blurred
– size: 1200x1600px | 10.1×13.5cm @ 300 dpi | JPEG

By purchasing these photos you are helping directly in the professional development of the model. Thank you very much!

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